our story

We are a “Type A” company with a “No BS” approach. Since 1996, we’ve built a rock-solid reputation for delivering results, whether that’s helping our client partners win new business, influence a tough crowd, or be on the cutting edge.

think in color

At MIC, we want to positively impact every client we engage with. We strive to inspire, challenge, and show our true colors in everything we say and do. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what it means to Think In Color.

our team

Cheryl Parrish Cheryl Parrish
Cheryl Parrish
President & CEO
John Parrish John Parrish
John Parrish
VP, Creative Services
Herb Young Herb Young
Herb Young
VP, Strategic Development
Charles Calise Charle Calise
Charles Calise
VP, Operations
Angie Goldstein Angie Goldstein
Angie Goldstein
Accounting Manager
Lindsey Schick Lindsey Schick
Lindsey Shick
Traffic Manager
MaryKay Scott MaryKay Scott
MaryKay Scott
Account Manager
Josh Napier Josh Napier
Josh Napier
Account Manager
Courtney Peffley Courtney Peffley
Courtney Peffley
Junior Account Manager
Jessica Keesee
Account Executive
Diego Aguirre Diego Aguirre
Diego Aguirre
Creative Director
Nannette Gonzalez Nannette Gonzalez
Nannette González
Associate Creative Director
Tina Garcia Tina Garcia
Tina Garcia
Art Director
Gedy Leon A Gedy Leon B
Gedy León
Web Designer
Linda Son Linda Son
Linda Son
Graphic Designer
Nanette Hardee A Nanette Hardee B
Nanette Hardee
Senior Copywriter
Amanda Molinaro Amanda Molinaro B
Amanda Molinaro
Social Media Specialist
Edd Twilbeck Edd Twilbeck
Edd Twilbeck
Senior Web Developer
Adam Doe Adam Doe B
Adam Doe
Web Developer
Nate Beers
Web Developer
Nick Weber Nick Weber
Nicholas Weber
Digital Marketing Specialist
Andrew Shaffer Andrew Shaffer
Andrew Shaffer
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Simon Faulkner Simon Faulkner
Simon Faulkner
Production Manager
Dave Dietz A Dave Dietz B
Dave Dietz
Tammy Tate Tammy Tate
Tammy Tate
Associate Producer
Website Bio Chris Hayes Website Bio Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes
Video Editor