angela mitchell

Associate Creative Director

Angela Mitchell

“Jump and a net will appear.”
– Sally Hogshead

Since graduating with a B.A. in English – Creative Writing from the University of South Florida, Angela has been fighting the good fight at ad agencies across the Southeast and, just prior to joining MIC, in Las Vegas, where she wrote for the Belmond global collection of luxury resorts. While travel and hospitality are part of her expertise – including winning more than 100 awards from VISIT FLORIDA and HSMAI – her strategic communications span all industries and media, moving the needle for such brands as The Home Depot, AT&T, and McDonald’s.

As an Associate Creative Director, she assists the VP of Creative Services in maintaining a common vision for creative excellence, leads multiple projects, and helps develop and implement creative solutions to promote clients’ products or services. In addition, she works with prospective and existing clients in developing different strategies suitable to the client’s brand.

When Angela’s nose isn’t to the grindstone, she enjoys sailing, reading, wining, and dining.

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