john parrish

VP, Creative Services

John Parrish

“If you need to get to know anybody in a hurry, play a round of golf with them.”
– Me

If you think of imaginative, cutting-edge brand messaging – be it on a webpage, a video clip, a blog or social media post – as the currency MIC trades on, then John Parrish is the Fed chairman. John serves as the team’s leader and visionary for all things creative, as he crafts the look and feel of MIC clients’ communications in their respective marketplaces, across media and platforms both established and emerging. Springboarding directly from a 1983 B.A. in communications at the University of South Florida to work in advertising and marketing, he’s worked on brands such as Outback Steakhouse, Madico Window Films, Pitney Bowes, Progressive Auto Insurance, GTE, Edwards (United Technologies), Kash n’ Karry Food Stores, Home Shopping Network, The Villages of Florida, CareCredit, Dollar Rent A Car, Super Kmart, and dozens more. John is a guitar player, a golfer, a photographer, and a University of Florida Gator football fan. He is looking to write a screenplay or two, carve out more time for travel and church activities, and create some art in a non-digital medium.

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