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Nick Weber

“Live in Today, Plan for Tomorrow.”
– A Friend named Wednesday

Nick is the mastermind behind all digital marketing efforts at MIC, from marketing automation to analytics and everything in-between. Drawing from his bottomless well of energy and curiosity, he revels in the challenges that the exciting and ever-changing digital world presents to him each day. A Los Angeles native, he actually began his career behind a camera, spending eight years working on network TV shows, commercials, and full-length feature films. In his spare time, Nick enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and paintball, as well as spending time at The Tampa Hacker Space. He is a self-proclaimed “tinkerer,” which caters to his interest of being technically creative. He also loves to travel (he’s already visited the 48 contiguous United States) and hopes to visit as many countries as possible, capturing new places on camera, posting online, and feeding his passion for all things digital.

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