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Yes, And

“Yes, and …”

No … But … I don’t think so … Fuhgeddaboudit! These are words that can turn a brainstorm into a light drizzle in an instant….

Email Verification 101 Featured Image

Email Verification 101

Email verification is an important but often overlooked step in any email marketing campaign, and as we’ve discussed before, dirty data can cost companies serious…

Nerfiation of Linda and Nanette Featured Image

The Nerfiation of Linda and Nanette

So you’re probably wondering: what’s a nerfiation? Watch and see below! And here’s the official (wink) definition: Nerfiation [nurf-ee-ey-shuh n] noun formal admission or acceptance into…

Messin' With MK Featured Image

Messin’ With MK

Here at MIC, we’ve created a family-like culture, and with family comes endearment in some of its most questionable forms. Around here, we love a…