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The Nerfiation of Linda and Nanette

Nerfiation of Linda and Nanette Featured Image

So you’re probably wondering: what’s a nerfiation? Watch and see below! And here’s the official (wink) definition:


[nurf-ee-ey-shuh n]


  1. formal admission or acceptance into Marketing In Color by way of surprise Nerf gun attack.
  2. the achievement of non-adult status in a workplace that refuses to grow up.
  3. the ceremonies or rites of admission involving Nerf guns and devious co-workers.
  4. the act of Nerfiating.
  5. the fact of being Nerfiated.

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Angela Mitchell
Angela Mitchell is an Associate Creative Director at Marketing In Color. ​She has been fighting the good fight at ad agencies across the Southeast for nearly two decades, where her passion for creative excellence has moved the needle for some of America's top brands.
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