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18 Years in Business, and MIC Gets a Branding Makeover

MIC Gets a Branding Makeover - Featured Image

As a business owner, it’s easy to become so close to what you do that you lose perspective on how others perceive your company – even when your business is marketing.

In-text 002Today, June 4th, Marketing In Color celebrates the anniversary of its eighteenth year in business. A couple of months ago, in anticipation of this milestone, and recognizing it may be time for an update, we empowered our employees to do for MIC what MIC does for its clients all the time: evaluate our brand from top to bottom, and make recommendations for potential change.

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In-text 003My partners and I willingly relinquished control, leaving it to our team to do what they do so well. Two of them – Tyler and Diego – led the charge. They took the entire staff through some of our own tried-and-true branding exercises, which were very enlightening to experience from a “client” perspective. Then, they retreated into a series of clandestine meetings – I’m sure these must have involved secret handshakes and decoder rings – leaving John, Herb and me to witness only occasional murmurings of the excitement that was building.

In-text 004And then, finally, the big reveal. Last week, Tyler and Diego thoughtfully walked us through the team’s recommendations for MIC’s new, revised branding, and…Blew. Us. Away. We approved every bit of what was presented, with heartfelt applause.

Now, it’s time to execute. Stay tuned!

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Cheryl Parrish
Cheryl Parrish is President & CEO of Marketing In Color with a 25-year career in marketing and advertising, nearly all of it as the owner of firms in Connecticut or Florida. She is driven to engage candidly and fruitfully with clients from virtually any industry, and to lead her team both in crafting branding strategies and creating new friends and believers in MIC’s marketing philosophy.
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