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4 Questions to Ask Before Joining Social Media

4 Questions to Ask Before Joining Social Media - Featured Image

Social media has changed the way businesses communicate and market to their audiences. Social media has become a tool that allows businesses to provide instant feedback to customers and potential customers. And in a world where we want an immediate response, social media can be extremely beneficial for businesses. But before you create a social media account, make sure you can answer these four basic questions.

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1. Why do I want to start a social media account for my business?

Why-do-I-want-to-start-a-social-media-account-for-my-business-Icon-In-Text-ImageAsking this question is key. If you don’t have a goal for your social media efforts, you’re wasting your time. Businesses can join social media platforms for several different reasons, but should always have a plan before starting. Social media is a communication tool – a two-way communication tool. Sure, you might want to increase sales through social media, but if you’re constantly pushing the sell down your audience’s throats, you will be doing more harm than good.

So maybe you start a social media account to listen to what your customers are saying about your product. Or maybe you want to highlight your company culture – the brand’s personality that your customers don’t always get to see. Or convey company news, industry news, product news, and anything relevant that would interest your audience. Your social media presence should portray all of those aspects, but it is important that you know why you’re adding social media into your business’ marketing strategy.

2. Do I know what platforms my audience is using?

Do-I-know-what-platforms-my-audience-is-using-Icon-In-Text-ImageThe last thing you want to do is join a social media platform because everyone else is doing it. Business are different and so are their target audiences. A recruiting agency would use LinkedIn as its primary social media account, but you wouldn’t see a local florist posting regularly on this platform. Instead, the local florist will most likely start an Instagram and Facebook account, showcasing the art of its floral design. Different platforms achieve different outcomes. Facebook is the leading social media platform globally; however, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. Both are performing extremely well, but if your audience isn’t on either platform, reevaluate why you want to start a social media account for your business.

3. Do I have enough content to post on a consistent basis?

Do-I-have-enough-content-to-post-on-a-consistent-basis-Icon-In-Text-ImageYou do not want to start a social media account if you can’t maintain it. Do you have enough content that you can make weekly posts? Don’t make a Facebook page and then abandon it. If your website has a lot of content, post it. If you have a company blog, share it. Do you have YouTube videos? Share those too. Between your internal content library and the external online resources, you should make sure you have enough content to post consistently to your social media platform.

4. Does my business have the resources?

Does-my-business-have-the-resources-Icon-In-Text-ImageAnd lastly, the question that is often overlooked by businesses. Does my business have the resources? Do we have the time? The people? The budget? Social media is NOT free. Sure the platform might be, but someone is getting paid to manage the social accounts. It also takes time. You should have a social media team in place. Otherwise no one will know who’s designated to post and your social media account will become a ghost town. If you don’t have the manpower or the time, then it is best to hold off on social media. There are also social media management tools like SproutSocial and Hootsuite that can help manage your social media efforts.

If you can easily answer all of these questions, then your social media strategy will be simpler to implement.

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