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“It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.”
– W.C. Fields

Dave Dietz is a video producer extraordinaire and leader of our video production department. A guy who knows how to turn the pieces of an unsolved puzzle into moving pictures that truly tell a story. He started his career as a producer of Night Flight, a syndicated music video format show for USA Network. Dave went on to create innumerable commercials and programming segments for HSN Promotions Department & Partnership Marketing (Home Shopping Network), and finally opened his own production company through which he has created numerous award-winning productions. Today, working with his extensive network of contract production crews, Dave applies himself producing all-things-video for Marketing In Color – to deliver high quality video productions on time and within budget. Dave loves to stay abreast with new technologies and share that information with the MIC team. “This is a new age of media production where video is just one element of an entire immersive story telling experience,” says Dave. “Today, a producer must understand how to use a variety of media platforms for marketers who want to expand the story and engage viewers beyond the passive story telling experience.”

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