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Creative Director

Diego Aguirre

“Live. Love. Learn. Leave a legacy.”
– Me

Diego Aguirre works closely with MIC’s creative team to concept and develop design solutions for clients, using tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and more. Diego holds a diploma of digital design from the Art Institute, and this year completed the requirements for a B.A. degree in fine arts from Liberty University. An avowed design junkie, his work has served clients in hospitality, law, education, non-profit, and numerous other industries. Diego enjoys getting lost in the pages of biographies, history, and comic books; loves movies of all genres, podcasts on various topics, and reveres design excellence in all its facets, from a building’s architecture to well-designed headphones. He plans on publishing a podcast on life lessons and would like to teach graphic design at the university level.

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