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Lindsey Schick

God is for you not against you; He feels your ache, He hears your groaning. And note: If he is silent now…it is the silence of His higher thoughts. He is up to something so big and so unimaginably good that your mind cannot contain it…what we see God doing is never as good as what we don’t see.
– Ben Patterson

When MIC projects and meetings jam up and begin to look like London’s Piccadilly Circus at rush hour, Lindsey is the sure and steady traffic cop. She’s a University of South Florida graduate, where she earned a B.A. in Mass Communications and kindled a passion for organization and efficiency. Lindsey manages MIC schedules, online platforms, and a variety of work habits among her teammates – and does it all with equal measures of persistence and diplomacy. She’s into health and fitness, crafting, serving at church, and interior design. When the time is right, Lindsey would love one day to live someplace cold, run a marathon, and raise a family.

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