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The Breakdown of Our Presidential Candidates’ Ad Campaigns

The Breakdown of Our Presidential Candidates Ad Campaigns - Featured Image

During this 2016 Presidential race, we’ve seen two very different, very distinct candidates vying for the votes of their fellow Americans. It’s clear that we have two polar opposites here between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. That being said, their ad campaigns are quite different as well, even if they may not seem so at first glance. So let’s take two of the more recognized ads of the campaigns, and do a little comparing.

The Breakdown of Our Presidential Candidates Ad Campaigns - Block In-Text Image 

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Color Schemes

Color SchemesColors have a lot to do with marketing. Different colors and shades of colors can often instill a certain emotion in a viewer, essentially persuading them to buy into whatever a business is selling without even realizing it. In these samples of presidential ads, specific colors are used to withdraw emotions from their target audiences in hopes to receive votes based on those emotions. For instance, if we look at Hillary Clinton’s ad, we see a lot of light blues. Light blue is meant to instill a feeling of tranquility or healing. It also nods to her femininity, appealing to females. Donald Trump’s, on the other hand, uses more navy and dark blues. This color is obviously more masculine, exhibiting strength. Dark blue tends to speak to expertise, stability, and depth. 


PhotographyNothing is more captivating than good photography. Presidential candidates often use strong, candid photography to portray their personalities. For example, in these ads, we have two different “candid” shots. Of Trump, we see him holding up a “peace” sign with his fingers and a soft smile on his face, seemingly at a rally. The hand symbol is meant to humanize Trump, making him seem more relatable. His soft smile shows warmth, implying that he’s approachable and genuine. If we look at Clinton’s shot, we see her looking to the left, chin up, with a confident grin. It’s important for Clinton’s campaign to show strength as a female, which this posture implies. Showing her head held high expresses to her audience that she is confident and capable.

Typography and Phrasing

Typography and PhrasingWhile the font of a campaign ad may seem like a minuscule element in the grand scheme of the campaign as a whole, it’s actually very important and can have a huge impact on the visual impact of an ad. The typography used in Clinton’s ad is bold and the wording is short. The boldness helps to contrast any idea that her femininity means weakness. This bold font sends a message of strength. The slogan “I’m With Her” is short and catchy, making the typography stand out. Trump’s ad is a little different. His font has a thinner leading. Not only does this make his longer slogan, “Make America Great Again”, readable and pleasing to the eye, but it also contrasts the boldness of his personality and masculinity. 

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