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An Egg-cellent Company Culture at MIC

An Egg-cellent Company Culture at MIC - Featured Image

At Marketing In Color we cannot pass up a creative opportunity when we see one! So naturally, we had to dye Easter eggs. And whether you’re decorating Easter eggs to celebrate religion, a family tradition, or just for fun, it is a pastime that brings out the inner child in you. We also enjoyed decorating bunny-shaped cookies and consumed enough candy to hold us over until Halloween. It was a successful day if you ask me.

The Evolution of Egg Dying

The Evolution of Egg DyingI must say the egg-dying process has become a much more fancy to-do than what it once was. What used to be a simple process consisting of hard boiled eggs, food coloring, and a white crayon (if you were really trying to be creative), now involves an unlimited amount of materials. Glitter, stickers, jewels, Sharpies, stencils, and the list goes on! Take Pinterest for example. You simply search “Easter egg” and you get pages of decorating ideas. And if you are a “pinner,” you know firsthand that your projects never come out quite like the pictures – just like the one seen below.


Social Presence

Social PresencePinterest and other social media platforms have allowed companies to make their company culture more transparent to their customers than ever before. Fun team-building activities that were rarely seen by your customers can now be posted to different social media platforms as a way to showcase your company’s personality. Rather than pushing your products to customers, posting pictures builds your social presence and invites your social media followers to engage with you. We like to share our pictures of different activities, like the Easter egg dying, on several different social media platforms to increase engagement with our audience.

Company Culture

Company CultureWhile we are not egg-dying experts, we did have a good time and made some pretty cool designs. On purpose? Maybe not, but we had fun while building team camaraderie and that’s all that matters. The one thing about MIC is that we can have fun while still being productive. After the festivities, we got right back to work and accomplished everything that needed to be done before beginning a nice three-day weekend. We have a great company culture at MIC, and whether it be attending after-work happy hours, Nerf battles, or attending an event in Downtown Tampa, we all stay motivated throughout the day. What are some different things your company does around the office that keeps you going throughout your workday?

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Courtney Peffley
Courtney Peffley is an Account Manager for Marketing In Color. She is a 2014 graduate of the University of Tampa's MBA program with a B.A. in marketing—also from UT. Courtney, who began as a social media marketing intern for MIC, is on the social media team and also supports the account services team.
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