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An Investment That Pays Off


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So, what are your business goals for 2016? What did you accomplish, or fail to achieve in 2015?

We have a mandatory staff meetingOn the first business day of each year, we have a mandatory staff meeting where we spend the entire day recapping the previous year and planning for the next. It’s one of my favorite days because it gives us all a dedicated and highly-focused opportunity to talk openly as a team about what worked and what didn’t, and to work collaboratively to set goals. I strongly encourage business owners to engage in this important and productive practice.

On Monday, January 4th, we’ll commit 112 otherwise billable hours (14 people x 8 hours) to this exercise. While that might make some small business owners squeamish, we know from experience that it’s a wise investment because, by the end of that day, we will have talked through some challenging topics and brainstormed significant ways to improve. We will have established a set of achievable goals and identified one BHAG (a big, hairy, audacious goal) for the coming year. We will have bonded even more as a team. Our vision and purpose will be clearer. It’s a big investment, but one that pays off every time.

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We are preparing to closeIt is December 21st as I write this, and it won’t post until the 29th. We are preparing to close the business down for almost two weeks. Some of us will travel, some won’t. Some will have out-of-town guests. Some will do as little as possible. We’ll all eat too much and laugh a lot and not get everything done that we had hoped. But we will all recharge our batteries and greet 2016 with renewed excitement for what lies ahead for us and our clients.

From our work family to yours, we wish you a VERY happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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Cheryl Parrish is President & CEO of Marketing In Color with a 25-year career in marketing and advertising, nearly all of it as the owner of firms in Connecticut or Florida. She is driven to engage candidly and fruitfully with clients from virtually any industry, and to lead her team both in crafting branding strategies and creating new friends and believers in MIC’s marketing philosophy.
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