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Another Successful Holiday Campaign for Massage Envy Spa

Another Successful Holiday Campaign for Massage Envy Spa Featured Image Template

Building brand awareness and increasing sales are, without a doubt, two of the top goals clients want to achieve when they turn to a marketing company. And once a company has seen that type of success, they want to see those results repeated. Since we consider all of our clients our partners, the Marketing In Color team wants to see that success just as much as they do. While it doesn’t always happen overnight, it does happen. And if it makes moms happy on top if it, well, that doesn’t hurt, either. MIC recently wrapped up working with Massage Envy Spa to develop and execute a creative strategy, then negotiated a media buy for Mother’s Day for 14 Massage Envy Spa clinics in the Tampa Bay region. “The Mother’s Day campaign for our region helped grow our overall gift card revenue 20% from last year,” Rachel Dunning, Assistant Regional Developer for Massage Envy Spa, said. The campaign included a strategic balance of local TV and radio spots, billboards, and direct mail to reach the largest potential target audience. Nationally, Massage Envy Spa clinics experienced a 14% increase in gift card sales during the same time period. As with any solid marketing strategy, you can’t rest on its laurels. It’s time to focus on the next six months. “We are excited about the amazing campaigns Marketing In Color is putting together now for the fall and the holidays. We hope to continue to see gift card sales increase more than any other region in the country, and increase brand awareness for all of our locations,” Dunning said. Last year’s holiday campaign not only helped boost gift card sales more than 24%, but the region also had the highest year-over-year increase in gift card sales in the entire Massage Envy Spa network.