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Branding Specialist, Brand Thyself!

Branding Specialist Brand Thyself - Featured Image

There’s a saying in the Spanish language that goes like this: “En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo.” Before you jump over to Google Translate, here’s what that means: “In a blacksmith’s house, the knife is wooden.” It simply means that many times, experts help everyone with their craft or specialty, except themselves. Man, is this ever true for creative agencies! We have paying clients who expect results, so it’s only natural to invest our working hours in creating beautiful and effective work for them. And in the process, it’s easy to neglect our own brand.

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Marketing In Color has been in business for 20 years. Our team is diverse and talented. Our headquarters is quirky and colorful. Our clients are brands and companies we love to work with, who value and benefit from our marketing expertise. MIC is stronger than it’s ever been before, and we recognized it was time for our brand identity to reflect our success. Remember when we announced the beginning of our brand makeover? Well… we went through various brainstorming sessions and other discussions, in which we dug deep into the core of who we are as a company, and the end result was… colorful!

Philosophy and Our True Colors

After defining Our True Colors and our philosophy, the creative process of crafting a brand image that reflected those ideals began. The design of our logo was already timeless, so only a few tweaks were necessary. Our logo even inspired a logo bug that plays off our nickname: MIC (pronounced em-eye-see). We love our bug!

MIC Logo and Logo Bug

Sketching took place… much, much sketching! After finalizing our logo, our design wizards got busy defining our color palette and concepting the look of our brand guidelines and stationery. These two pieces would define the visual language that now sets our brand apart. The look plays off of the “In Color” part of our company name. Think back to your childhood. When you think “color,” what comes to mind? Crayons, color pencils, paint, markers, drawings, and doodles. Those are the images we wanted our brand to be associated with. Creativity, curiosity, and imagination were the ideas we wanted to conjure when someone saw anything bearing the Marketing In Color brand. And that’s exactly the look we’ve achieved.

MIC Brand Guidelines and Stationery

Perhaps the greatest undertaking of MIC’s rebrand process was the redesign of our website. We walked ourselves through a web development process that included User Experience discussions, mobile and desktop planning, mind-mapping, and wire-framing each page for our new site. Our goal was to provide a user-friendly experience made up of top-level pages, so as to not force the web visitor to dig around for content, and it all needed to be delivered using our newly-made over brand. The result is a website that is unapologetically true to MIC’s visual identity!

Website Sketches and Finished Product

Once our website design was finalized, our creative team began to splash that visual language across all of our digital communications. Our email templates and social media imagery, for example, were redesigned to carry the same styling as our website across its header, blog thumbnails, typography, buttons, etc.

Newsletter and Social Media Designs

We also re-designed various collateral and in-house pieces with our new brand identity; from our computer desktop wallpapers, to our mouse pads, to our client brochure.

MIC Client Brochure

The journey towards reinventing our brand image was a long one, but one well worth the wait. No more wooden knives in the blacksmith’s house for MIC. Our new brand identity is a true reflection of our culture and who we are, and one whose creation we are all proud to have been a part of.

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Diego Aguirre
Diego Aguirre is Associate Creative Director at Marketing In Color and holds a Diploma of Digital Design from the Art Institute. His branding and design work has served clients across a wide range of industries.
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