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Branding Your WordPress Site

Branding Your WordPress Site

Presentation Matters

Presentation MattersIt has been stated on this very site previously: Your brand is your business, and your business is your brand. And your brand is so much more than just having a great logo for your business cards and marketing materials. It’s the public “face” of your company as well, which means that the overall design, color, and layout of all of your marketing efforts plays a role in how your brand is perceived by your customers. So it’s a good idea to ensure that your brand is reflected in your website as well, since a lot of your customers, including your new ones, will interact with your business through your site. If you’re like lots of business owners these days, odds are good that you’re using WordPress for your company website. And finding the right theme to use for your site is an important step in fully integrating your brand with your website.

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Find a Theme

Find a ThemeWith literally hundreds of thousands of theme options in both the free and pay categories, finding the right theme to use for your site can be a daunting task. But with a little patience and some planning, you can pick through the options to find the gem that will make your site stand out. It’s a good idea to find a theme that gives you color options for things like the background and text headlines. And you’ll also want one with some sort of logo or image support that will allow you to put your branding in the header, as well as throughout the site.

The more features and functions the theme has built into it, the more you’ll be able to customize it to your brand. Luckily, there is a handy “feature filter” you can use in the Theme Directory to help you sort through all of the options. Themes are easy to install and typically come with a settings or configuration page where you can adjust all of the built-in options to make it look just right for your site. If you have any problems with the theme setup and implementation, there are lots of resources available in the WordPress Support forums and often from the theme developer as well, so be sure to check the documentation that comes with the theme to understand the resources available.

And if you’re using the hosted version at, the Site Title section of the Customize menu will allow you to add a logo to your site header. You should note, however, that only certain themes available at support this, so you will want to use the site logo filter in the Theme Showcase to find one that fully supports this added functionality.

Roll Your Own

Roll Your OwnIf you can’t find a theme that meets your needs, however, you might want to have one custom built specifically for your business. Work with your marketing company or web developer to see if they can do this for you, or at least point you to someone who can create a custom WordPress theme. Be prepared to sit down with the developer to explain the features and functions you want your site to have, as well as the look and feel of the site to ensure it properly reflects your overall brand. Think of this as a wise investment in the overall branding of your company.

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