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Helping the Growth Experts Grow

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Meeting Diverse Marketing Needs

Rhino7 is one of the nation’s leading franchise sales and development companies, responsible for growing small franchise brands into national powerhouses with thousands of units. So as you can imagine, its marketing needs are as diverse as the many business models and brands that Rhino7 serves. Rhino7 iPhone Website

Engaging a Variety of Prospects

Over the last five years, Marketing In Color has been Rhino7’s exclusive marketing partner for its own initiatives, as well as for many of its clients. Many times it’s the all-important branding of a new business idea (or re-branding of a stale one) and its strategic positioning within the marketplace, including naming, logo design, tagline, website, and more. Rhino7 Tablet Website In addition to creating websites for numerous Rhino7 franchise brands, we’ve also helped Rhino7 manage its digital presence, from ongoing blogs that increase search engine optimization to strategically redesigning its website to better engage key prospects. During our long and successful partnership with Rhino7, we’ve done it all. And through it all, we’ve watched Rhino7 grow and its clients grow. True to its tagline, Rhino7 means business – and that’s a philosophy we whole-heartedly believe in.

Work Samples

Rhino7 WebsiteRhino7 Website Rhino7
Rhino7 StationeryRhino7 Stationery Rhino7
Rhino7 Social Media Cover ImagesRhino7 Social Media Cover Images Rhino7
Rhino7 Blog ImageryRhino7 Blog Imagery Rhino7

Client Testimonial

Doug Schadle

Doug Schadle

CEO / Co-Founder, Rhino 7 Franchise Sales and Development

Rhino 7 Franchise Sales and Development has had the pleasure of working with Marketing In Color since 2010. They have helped us with all of our franchise brands and with what we need for Rhino 7, including marketing plans, creative, design, brochures, photo shoots, websites, social media and so much more. They've exhibited superior skills in all aspects and have been a pleasure to work with every step of the way. For all of these reasons, I can highly recommend Marketing In Color."