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Refreshing an Exterior Restoration Company’s Brand – Inside and Out

Storm Guard Case Study Featured Image

Addressing Several Challenges

Storm Guard Restoration is a franchise company that specializes in insurance restoration for homes and commercial properties that have sustained storm damage. Wanting to grow as a franchise, the company put MIC’s branding expertise to work to address several challenges. First, its website and marketing materials lacked the cohesive look and feel of a national brand. Second, much of its messaging and imagery was using a dark, scare-tactic approach. Finally, because its primary sales method was to canvass neighborhoods door-to-door and offer free, no-obligation home inspections, the brand needed to gain the immediate trust of homeowners answering doors. Storm Guard Presentation-Folder

Projecting Trust and Integrity

We chose to brighten up Storm Guard’s imagery and messaging with overall positive, solution-based content. Professional, credible branded materials immediately project trust and integrity and create a critical neighborhood-level visibility with items such as yard signs, door hangers, vehicle wraps, brochures, presentation folders, and stationery. The website was also redesigned and developed to capture more online traffic and grow with the franchise. Its mobile-ready WordPress platform includes searchable franchise location pages, making the site ready to scale into perpetuity as new franchise units are sold. Our efforts have been highly effective in gaining homeowners’ trust and winning new business. As a direct result, Storm Guard has grown from a small handful of franchisees to 35 franchisees that own 103 territories, and continues to experience growth today. Storm Guard iPad Website

Work Samples

StormGuard Yard SignStorm Guard Yard Sign Storm Guard
StormGuard WebsiteStorm Guard Website Storm Guard
StormGuard TrifoldStorm Guard Trifold Storm Guard
StormGuard StationeryStorm Guard Stationery Storm Guard
StormGuard Social Media PostsStorm Guard Social Media Posts Storm Guard
StormGuard-Presentation-Folder-InsideStorm Guard Presentation Folder Storm Guard
StormGuard-Door-HangerStorm Guard Door Hanger Storm Guard
StormGuard Blog ImageryStorm Guard Blog Imagery Storm Guard
StormGuard Social Media Cover ImagesStorm Guard Social Media Cover Images Storm Guard

Client Testimonial

John Cohen

John Cohen

COO, Storm Guard Restoration

Once we get one homeowner to purchase our services, positive word-of-mouth typically spreads quickly to their neighbors. So, the neighborhood-level visibility Marketing In Color has helped us create becomes critical. MIC gets franchising. They know how to visualize and package materials that give our franchisees a great deal of professionalism – that immediately projects trust and integrity. That’s really important when we’re cold-calling homeowners with a brand and a concept they knew nothing about only moments earlier."