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Fighting Crime Without the Capes

Tampa Business Watch Case Study Featured Image

Expanding a Highly Successful Program

Tampa Police Officer Sean Mahabir had developed a “business watch” program for Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood that was responsible for cutting crime in half. While his program was highly successful, his branding lacked the professional feel he wanted. He also wanted to replicate and expand the program to other Tampa districts, so he turned to Marketing In Color for help.

Business Watch Website

Unifying While Differentiating

To position the program for broader success, we created an umbrella brand identity, naming it Business Watch Tampa and designed a logo that would have consistent recognition throughout the various Tampa business districts. We then created customized logos for each district by using the same design and color scheme, but changing the central icon. This gave the program a unified look throughout the city, while also differentiating each from the others. This re-branding came to life on printed decals displayed in the windows of participating businesses, collectively identifying the safety network and helping to deter crime. Each decal also contains a registration number that helps police officers contact management quickly during an emergency. We also created a website that serves as a centralized portal for all Tampa Business Watch districts, providing an easy way for businesses to sign up, contact information for police officers in each district, and educational safety information. Though its expansion is still in its infancy, Tampa Business Watch immediately gained overwhelming support and participation from the Tampa business community.

Work Samples

City of Tampa Police WebsiteCity of Tampa Police Website City of Tampa Police
City-of-Tampa-Police-Master-LogoCity of Tampa Police Master Logo City of Tampa Police
City-of-Tampa-Police-Boroughs-LogosCity of Tampa Police Boroughs Logos City of Tampa Police
City-of-Tampa-Police-BannerCity of Tampa Police Banner City of Tampa Police