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Revitalizing Downtown Tampa’s Spiritual Community

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Re-imagining a Legendary Downtown Property

When Hyde Park United Methodist was offered the former site of the historic First United Methodist church, Marketing In Color’s CEO, Cheryl Parrish, was part of the team leading the congregation’s decision. Once the church conducted extensive research and opted to take the property on, Cheryl volunteered MIC’s help in re-imagining the purpose of this legendary downtown property. Working closely with a team of church staff and lay leaders, we developed a strategy that would serve the quickly growing population of spiritual, but non-religious residents and workers, who were all part of the area’s burgeoning renaissance.

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Creating a Vibrant Urban Gathering Place

The site was named The Portico (Tampa’s “front porch”) and its development was steered as a space where people could come together for conversation, connection and community change. As The Portico’s Pastor Justin LaRosa likes to say, “We want to provide a sheltered entrance for people to enter into a connection with God.” MIC developed a calendar-driven website that helped position The Portico as a vibrant urban gathering place, and to drive visitation to its many events, from potluck porch parties and urban art events, to meditation groups and community service projects.

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A Continuing Role

Cheryl and her husband, John Parrish, along with Herb Young (all members of Hyde Park United Methodist and partners at MIC), continue to take an active role in the development of The Portico beyond the branding through volunteering and Cheryl’s role as The Portico’s Lay Leader. We’re proud to be playing a part in the rebirth of this long-time institution – as well as downtown Tampa’s revitalization – and look forward to further contributions in the years to come.

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The Portico WebsiteThe Portico Website The Portico

Client Testimonial

Justin LaRosa

Justin LaRosa

Director, The Portico

Marketing in Color is an amazing firm that provides tangible results. What sets them apart is their investment in bettering the community. I know firsthand. They organized and implemented The Portico’s branding process and launched our website as a pro bono project. They donated their services because they believe in our mission. MIC has been a leader in supporting Tampa’s renewal, and their creativity, dedication, and vision is unmatched."