Checking Out The Villages Florida With My Wife’s Parents

May 27, 2014

So, we’ve been doing a ton of work over the years for The Villages Florida – the nation’s premier retirement community located right here in the heart of Central Florida. The bulk of what we do for the community is video production, showing off this 55+ community’s innumerable amenities as they’re enjoyed on a daily basis by its highly active adult residents. Describing the community can be challenging. We could try, but it would be a lot easier for you to just request a free DVD featuring its sales video produced by Marketing In Color! (Shameless plug.) So, why is it hard to describe? Imagine one community, encompassing 36 square miles, dedicated to providing a dream retirement lifestyle. Not a whole lot of those running around.

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The Villages Florida. A Place You’ll Never Be Bored.

Here are some high-level stats. Among all The Villages championship and executive golf courses, you could play a different golf hole every day for nearly two years and never play the same hole twice. Residents automatically become members of all the community’s country clubs. (A twelfth country club is on its way as of this writing.) Residents can choose from more than 2,000 clubs that cover virtually any interest you can think of. Villagers enjoy free entertainment every night on any one of three town centers – 365 days a year! Residents can also attend The Villages Lifelong Learning College to keep their minds as active as their bodies. And The Villages is the pickleball capital of the world. What’s pickleball? This NBC report tells you.

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  Wow, sounds kind of overwhelming, doesn’t it? Not until you see how the community is laid out. See Also: Marketing In Color Creates Video Honoring War Veterans at The Villages

Family-Owned and Operated.

The Villages Florida dates back to the ’70s. Then known as Orange Blossom Gardens, the community was originally a mobile home park co-owned in a partnership by family patriarch Harold Schwartz. Harold bought out his partner and invited his son’s family to come down and help develop the community. Over the next 30 years, the family together turned a once-struggling community into every retiree’s dream. A place that never lacks for activities, new friends, surprising discoveries, and endless relaxation. Harold’s gone now, but his family still owns and operates the community, with zero intention of ever leaving. The community now ranks as the largest master-planned community in the United States (and arguably the world). But you’d never know it, given its relaxed pace, miles of bike and nature trails, quaint town centers, protected conservation areas, golf and lake vistas, peaceful neighborhoods (i.e. villages), and other small town charms. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know hundreds of Villages residents who’ve appeared in our various video productions. Believe me when I tell you, these are the slap-happiest collection of retirees you’ll ever meet. It can be a bit difficult at times working around giddy people on permanent vacation. (Jealousy ensues.) While we truly enjoy the rewarding work we do at The Villages, we obviously have a different perspective than those whose biggest challenge of the day is juggling golf tee times, happy hours, line dancing classes, poolside siestas, and game night tournaments. See Also: LPGA Golf Great Nancy Lopez is Lovin’ the Lifestyle at The Villages

Oh Yeah. The In-Law Part of the Story.

Well, that all finally changed for us last weekend. My wife Cheryl (also the CEO of our company) and I had promised for a long time to take Cheryl’s parents (Earle and Carolyn) up for a visit. We had been talking about The Villages forever and they were anxious to check it out. Her dad actually came with us here back around 2000, but a lot has changed since then and it was sure to be a whole new experience for him.

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The Villages Spanish Springs The Villages Lake Sumter LandingThe Villages, Seabreeze Recreation CenterThe Villages, Lake Sumter LandingTwo The Villages, Eisenhower Recreation Centerwords describe their collective reaction to the place. BLOWN AWAY. Now a golf car community with more than 100,000 residents, The Villages offers a ton to do and see in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown. Despite the community’s size, Earle and Carolyn couldn’t help but marvel at all the wide open green spaces, the endless lush landscaping, and the easy-going style of the community. So, we got to not only see The Villages through their eyes, we got to see it through our own eyes as visitors for a change. We visited all three town centers, drove through many of The Villages neighborhoods, ate in its restaurants, and even enjoyed a round of golf on the Nancy Lopez Legacy golf course. It was a fun and relaxing experience all around. And the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. As I write this, Earle and Carolyn are Connecticut snow birds who are just getting back home for the summer up north. But I’m sure they’ll be telling their northern friends about the weekend they spent in The Villages.