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Company Culture. What’s the Big Deal?

Company Culture. What's the Big Deal - Featured Image

When you’re looking for a new job or evaluating your current position, what are some of the first things you look for during this research process? Job position? Yes. Salary? Definitely. Job requirements and responsibilities? Hopefully. But what about this little thing called company culture? According to Investopedia, company culture is defined as, “the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.” But company culture is so much more than just interactions and transactions.

Getting Philosophical

Getting PhilosophicalThink about if someone asks you about your current job. You don’t want to respond with, “it’s a job,” or, “it pays the bills.” Ick! Those are the type of answers for someone who is living to work rather than working to live. Your job should provide fulfilment and should be something that motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. This is where company culture plays such a huge role in our daily hustle to achieve happiness while making a living.

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Cultural Movement

Cultural MovementLook at Southwest, Google, and Zappos. Besides having huge success, they each have a noteworthy company culture. Southwest is notorious for having a great company culture because of its transparency with its employees. Google is ranked as one of the best companies to work for, year after year, because of its awesome work environment and great employee perks. And Zappos focuses its business around company culture, even during the hiring process. These companies are focusing on their employees’ happiness in the workplace, ultimately leading to the overall success for these companies. And they are not alone in this movement to create an awesome work environment.

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Herb Young, Vice President at MIC, states, “Company culture is often stated in terms like mission, vision, and core values. Core Values are those behaviors that will never change no matter how the company changes. One core value that helps a company define its culture is its ability and willingness to help solve problems for its clients.”

Check out how other team members here at Marketing In Color define company culture:

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