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Custom Google+ URL: Did You Get Your Invitation?

google_custom identity

Our social media team has set their custom Google+ URLs. Have you? If you are a Google+ user, or even if you’re not and just have a profile (or two) out there, you should be receiving an email from Google about your custom URL. We’ve noticed that the Google+ users with more connections and activity have been receiving the “invitation” earlier than those with stagnant profiles. For many of us, embracing Google+ has been a challenge to say the least. Side note: One day, one of our Account Executives, Tyler Ball, actually got through to Google’s phone support in regards to problems our client was having with Google+. The representative answered the phone with something like, “Google+ support, how may I help you?” Tyler asked her questions and was shocked to be told that she was actually speaking with a Google PLACES representative and that Google+ didn’t have a specific department. After a very frustrating conversation, the rep ended the conversation with, “Thank you for calling the Google+ support line.” But we digress. Google+ has not proven to be the most exciting or sensible “social media” channel; however, we recognize that it is a necessary tool if you want to increase your SEO and ranking. Since Google is the biggest player in the SEO game today, posting and interacting regularly are key to getting ahead. That being said, once you receive the email from Google about your custom URL, just do it. Not only will this make Google happy, you are taking one step closer to further branding yourself or your company. Other sites that give you the opportunity to brand your URL include LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest — Twitter updates automatically. It is important to be consistent when setting these custom URLs, whether you use your real name, a nickname or a brand name. Add us to your circles on Google+! Add: Marketing In Color Add: Social Media & PR Director, Jen Straw Add: Account Executive, Tyler Ball (Freriks) Add: Web Developer, Edd Twilbeck