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Your Customers are Mobile – Can You Keep Up?

Your Customers are Mobile - Can You Keep Up

Smaller packages for bigger messages

Every day, more and more people are using smartphones, tablets, and other devices to get the information they need. And if they’re looking for the services or products that you provide, you’ll want to make sure your website delivers the goods. That means ensuring your site is designed to display correctly on lots of different devices with different resolutions. In web development circles, this is referred to as “responsive design.” That just means that the layout of the content on your website “responds” to the native resolution of the device or method that is being used to view it, and adjusts itself on the fly.

Clean and compact

All you have to do is take a look around while you’re out and about to notice the increase of mobile data consumption. Regardless of their screen size, your customers need to get to the right data on your website. And that’s where “responsive” design comes in.

It’s become so key, in fact, that Google is actually touting it as the suggested method of design for websites, going so far as to state that using such methods will help improve your search rankings. They’ve even enhanced their tools for developers to help measure your site’s performance on mobile and desktop devices.

Finish on top

Ensuring your customers have the same access to your information across all devices means they have a consistent experience via your online presence. And that consistency keeps your products or services top of mind with them, which means they’ll be more likely to engage. Using a responsive design lets you give your customers the information they need in the format they’re eager to consume it in. And that’s the way that you’ll come out on top – by delivering to your new customer!

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