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Discovering What Works for Work


What are some of the things you do to keep yourself going during your day? No, not the coffee, as this of course, goes without saying. Many of us keep certain items close at hand – those odd curiosities that have significance for each of us in our own way. Perhaps a photo or a piece of art that might, even if just momentarily, transport us back to memorable places and times. This however, is only part of the puzzle. What about the little things we do that allow us to process our work in a more manageable, comfortable fashion? What about the things we’re doing to occupy ourselves while we work? For me, I find an intense need to have something, be it music or podcasts, pumping into my ears. This makes it possible for me to separate myself from whatever may be happening around me at any given time. If I’m at work I can nearly always be found in my space, wearing a headset, plunking away at my computer. This is what works for me.

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Conversely - In-Text ImageConversely, at any given moment, our project manager Lindsey can be found comfortably perched atop her exercise ball – the seating of choice for our intrepid showrunner, as she coolly performs the constant juggling act of the multiple projects she oversees. Yet more interestingly is that she does this while deftly tuning out most of the noise and chatter around her. Damn her and her amazing nose to the grindstone productivity! The simple jest is that Lindsey has figured out what works for her. And this dear people is the truth distilled to its very essence. Find what works for you, and move forward.

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Just Figure It Out

Just Figure It Out - In-Text ImageEach of us has to figure out which of these diversions work to best keep us centered and productive each day. I might take a few minutes to do sets of pushups. These help me not only to reduce stress but also to retrain my focus on the tasks at hand. One of our team members has a bike pedal trainer beneath her desk. Several of us are known to take off our shoes. At least one of us walks around the place barefoot! Some of us also prefer to stand at our workspaces at least for some portion of the day. One of our owners has a super fancy rising stand-up desk top. It makes him more comfortable and in turn happier. The point is these are all things that can help us stay on point, while simultaneously feeling less like robots.

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Stretch Out – Make Yourself Comfortable

Stretch Out - In-Text ImageSo what if we like to laugh out loud, dance in place, or get a bit of exercise while we work? If something keeps you in a good mood and allows you to be more comfortable and content, then it’s most likely working to enhance and increase your productivity. Understanding what puts each of us at ease will benefit not only the individual, but also the company, and its work.

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Jordan Scherer
Jordan Scherer is a Production Assistant for Marketing In Color’s video production department. He is a 2014 University of Tampa graduate with a B.A. in Communications. When not on-location with the production crew, Jordan works to support the company's Digital Asset Management System, where all video footage is logged, tagged and archived for use.
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