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Please Stop Using Your Phone To Shoot Video Vertically!

Please Stop Using Your Phone To Shoot Video Vertically

Here’s a quick tip for those of you who fancy yourselves budding film directors, as you traverse the world recording your video selfie history with your digital pocket bricks. I’m talking to YOU, you people who insist on shooting video while holding your phones standing tall at attention – leaving unsightly, amateurish black voids on either side of your film epics.

Let me be clear by asking you this question. When is it okay to hold your phone vertically when recording video? In a word … NEVER! Or better yet, here are two words. NEVER … EVER!

What follows is a visual dissertation to help you face your crimes, overcome your affliction, and move yourself closer to being a person of finer taste.

You’re welcome.

Imagine if some of your favorite movies had been filmed vertically! 

You might have missed seeing who Patrick Swayze was groping in Ghost.



You might have felt dumb, only to find out you were even dumber.



You might have been left feeling the blues, brother.



And you might have had to settle for just one usual suspect.



If you find yourself too incapable or too lazy to turn your phone sideways, don’t worry, there’s an app for that:

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