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Empower Your Staff to Share Your Brand’s Blogs

Empower Your Staff to Share Your Brands Blogs

If you spend any time on social media these days, you know the social space is extremely crowded. There’s a lot of noise to cut through to even have a chance at grabbing someone’s attention, let alone getting them to actually click on and read your company’s blog. So when you think about who are the best people to spread the word, it’s not a good idea to rely only on a few loyal followers to do the work for you. Instead, stop and think about who can be the best cheerleaders for your content. Often times the best “content cheerleaders” are right there on your team already. Chances are you are either overlooking them, or you just haven’t bothered to ask them. So what are you waiting for? Wait! Before you walk into your next meeting and tell your employees that they must immediately start sharing your company’s blog content on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Google+ accounts, think about why they would want to help. See Also: Tweeting with Mittens, Justin Bieber & Bacon

If They Write it, They Will Share it

If They Write it They Will Share itMost people like to talk about themselves. At least a little bit. So, if your entire team is part of the blogging process, they will want to share their accomplishments as much as the company’s. At Marketing In Color, it’s not a coincidence that every team member writes one blog a month. And one thing we have learned (as we expected) is if an employee takes the time to sit down and write a blog, then they are more likely to be proud of it. And if they’re proud of it, then they will want to share it socially. And then their “friends” see it and share it, too. (See how this works?)

Start at the Top

Start at the TopIf you want your employees to share the content on social media, then you’d better start with yourself. Not only is it best to lead by example, but you can also help set the tone. Be authentic and let some personality shine through (whenever it’s appropriate), and your employees are more likely to follow suit. Don’t rely on the social media team, or in some cases the interns, to be the only ones pushing out content. See Also: Ronald McDonald Joins #Selfie World

Allow Them to Choose the Platform

Allow Them to Choose the PlatformThere are a lot of social media networks to choose from; some are more personal, others more professional. It’s most effective to encourage your employees to share on the platforms where they feel comfortable. Some platforms are better options when it comes to SEO (think Google+), but if they don’t use it, or you haven’t trained them how to use it, they’re never going to do it. Then there’s the balance between work life and personal life. Some people really like to keep that line drawn, so Facebook isn’t the best option; think LinkedIn instead.

Share is Caring, but Spam Isn’t the Plan

Spam Isnt the PlanNothing turns social media users off quicker than being inundated with spam. You may not consider content from your website to be spam– it’s informational, after all! But if that’s all your company (and employees) are posting, then it’s still perceived as spam. So strike a balance. It’s always a great idea to share other content related to your industry or your community that’s relevant to your followers. And don’t forget to interact with them, too!