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Experience: the conscious events that make up an individual life. (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

Stop. Now, read that definition again. I’ll wait…

Welcome back. That’s a powerful statement… especially coming from a dictionary. Experience is not simply the sum of events that make up an individual’s life, it’s the sum of conscious events. Think back. How many life events can you list in a minute? Try it out. Set your timer to a minute and list as many individual events from your life as you can.

I was able to get to a dozen. I was shocked! I just went blank! Recalling specific events isn’t as easy as it seems. See, to do so, the events had to be memorable enough to fizzle up to the top of our conscience, above the multitude of everyday, mundane events that are so muddied in our memories we can’t even recall them.

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They Don’t Just Happen

They Don’t Just HappenFor example, a wedding doesn’t just happen. Plenty happens before walking up to the altar: you booked the venue, sent invitations, rehearsed, had a bachelor and bachelorette party, threw an engagement party, proposed, bought a ring, fell in love, got to know your partner, and met them in the first place. You know… “first comes love, then comes marriage” kinda thing. A wedding is an experience (in most cases) years in the making. And like most memorable experiences, a wedding had plenty that led up to it.

Building Experiences

Building ExperiencesBeing in the business of creating experiences is awesome! Everything we create as a marketing agency is an opportunity to create an experience. This explains the rise of “User Experience” in recent years. User Experience Designers are sought after left and right to strategically bring to life a memorable experience for a specific audience. And just like with the wedding example above, that doesn’t happen by accident; it requires skill and training.

You have an audience, clients, partners, followers, fans, and connections. If your goal is to be a respected name in your arena, be sure to offer an experience that sticks… that rises above the mundane blog post, boring social media content, or stagnant brochure website.

Give ‘em something to remember. Give ‘em an experience!

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