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Infographic: History of Olympic Logos and Emblems

Infographic - History of Olympic Logos and Emblems - Featured Image

The history of the Olympic Summer Games is a reflection of humanity’s journey throughout the last 120 years. Historic events, advances in technology, artistic eras and trends, cultural discovery, political climates, the dark, the hopeful, and the unknown have all been showcased every four years on a global stage. One small piece of the grand spectacle that are the Olympics is perhaps also one of the main contributors to each event’s unique identity: the Olympic logo, or emblem (as the International Olympic Committee identifies it).

In celebration of the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games, we decided to put together an infographic showcasing some of the most significant – and some of our favorite – Olympic emblems from the history of the event. This is not a critique of the designs, but a glimpse into what inspired them, who brought them to life, and what was going on historically that might have shaped the final product. So, click through and let us know which is your favorite!   


history of olympic logos infographic

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