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Holiday Hacker is Here. Watch Our Video Now!

Holiday Hacker

Let’s face it. The holidays are stressful. When to shop. What to cook. How to discern what’s really in egg nog. How to return all your gifts for better stuff without your friends and loved ones finding out. Well, we have just the thing you need to hack the holidays. From Marketing In Color, the makers of Spacebook, Pimp My Pet, and EverDon’t (the award-winning note-taking app where you can store an endless array of excuses to get out of virtually any responsibility) comes the only app you’ll need in this most festive of seasons. It’s Holiday Hacker. Watch the video now to unlock this amazing app’s secrets and start feeling those holiday season anxieties just melt away.

Use this YouTube link to share Holiday Hacker on your social media with those you love. And maybe even those you don’t much care for. Hey, it’s the holidays!

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