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How to Streamline Email Automations

How to Streamline Email Automations

One of the most notable benefits of Marketing Automation is that it allows you to segment and personalize email campaigns. This means the ability to create an unlimited amount of emails, depending on the complexity of the automations. And since crafting emails is time consuming, focusing your initial effort on the creation of a template could save you time and future headaches.

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Here’s how to streamline the process of creating strong emails for your Marketing Automation program:

Build Fixed Elements

Build Fixed ElementsHeader and footer are usually fixed elements within an email, without the need of additional changes after they’ve been built. Place your company’s logo on the header, preferably along with a CTA button (which will help convert traffic into leads), and social media icons on the footer, and there you have it, part of the design done. And don’t forget to follow your company’s brand guidelines. Having a consistent look will make your audience more receptive to your brand when receiving emails.

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Have Foresight

Have ForesightAnticipating what you might need in future emails could be one of the smartest things you do. Think of elements that could be included. For example, let’s look at a cosmetics store. What possible elements might be needed? Coupons, new product descriptions, special offers, beauty tips… All these can be predetermined and ready to use when needed.

Personalize your Messages

Personalize your MessagesDon’t take this step for granted. Having lousy copy could mean an unsuccessful email campaign. Find the right voice that will connect you with your audience and personalize the message for different levels of engagement. For example, soft and polite messages for the least engaged group, providing only value, and more personalized messages about specific services/products for the most engaged group.

Using Marketing Automation to target your prospects and customers with one-to-one communications is an excellent way to help attain your marketing goals. Taking these tips into consideration will increase the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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