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Idea Guide for Facebook’s Multi-Product (or Carousel) Ads

Idea Guide for Facebook's Multi-Product (or Carousel) Ads - Featured Image

Multi-Product ads, or Carousel ads, are a new style of ad released by Facebook earlier this year that allow businesses and advertisers to reach their audiences in a new, unique way. This blog is not going to walk you through how to make these ads, as there are already several tutorials online for that. Instead, we are going to look at how this ad style has been adopted, different creative approaches to utilizing it, and ultimately why you should be using it.

What are Carousel ads?

What are Carousel adsCarousel ads are comprised of 2-5 images, each with the ability to have their own Headline, Link Description, and Call-to-Action Button. However, only the first image and a half are shown; users must physically slide to see the rest of the images.

When Carousel ads were first being used, they were displayed in such a way that each individual image was a separate product, very similar to AdRoll’s LiquidAds. Except the images weren’t dynamic, meaning they weren’t updated with products that a customer had actually looked at. This was cool, and personally, it always prompted me to actually scroll through the images because the way they were presented was unique from other ads. It captured my attention purely because it was new, interactive, and different from anything else in my feed.

facebook multiple ads

However, I didn’t really pay attention to it, nor the potential it held, until I saw a Carousel ad that extended the image beyond just the boxed image. The image stretched from the first image all the way to the last one. It evoked my curiosity, I had to know what exactly was at the end of that thing. As a marketing technique, it worked. It got me to stop, look at an ad, and engage with the brand (even if it was just swiping horizontally instead of vertically).

Since then, several new styles of Carousel ads have popped up.

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Fun ways to use Carousel Ads

Show Products – Like the first example above, Carousel Ads allow you to show more than one product at a time. This provides individual links to each specific product AND doesn’t clutter your image trying to show them all at once.

Show products

Large Image – Displaying one large image across all frames allows you to create an immersive ad experience unlike anything offered before on Facebook.

long image

Story Telling – Create a comicbook-esque experience by making each image a frame. Lead your customers on a journey!


Show the Process – Outline the steps to your business/product to help explain its benefits.

Show the Process

Another fun idea is to use the last image as a big Call-to-Action button.

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Why should you be using these?

Why should you be using theseThey look cool, they’re interactive, and most importantly, they get people to stop scrolling vertically thru their Facebook feeds, and instead scroll horizontally. The benefit of this is that consumers aren’t just scrolling by your ad without giving it a second thought. They interact with it, cementing your brand and your message, into their minds in a way a normal advertisement isn’t able to do.

Also, they currently don’t cost any more to run than the usual Facebook ads, and they are getting significantly higher click-thru-rates. And who doesn’t like spending less for more?

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