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Instagram’s Colorful Rebrand

Instagrams Colorful Rebrand - Featured Image

Don’t freak out, people! Your beloved Instagram didn’t go anywhere. It’s just taken on a brand new look and feel. Yup… Instagram has rebranded. Here’s the skinny on their new look!

The Minimalist Rebranding Trend Continues

2015 saw the rebranding of Instagram’s fellow social media powerhouses Google and Facebook, plus various other brands. Both opted for less stylized, cleaner, but also what many consider blander logo designs. These new designs influenced the entire look of both companies’ user interfaces and overall image. In 2016, it’s Instagram’s turn. Take a look at the new look of Instagram entire family of apps, including Hyperlapse, Layout, and Boomerang.

Instagram New Logos Image Credit: Designing a New Look for Instagram, Inspired by the Community

Better Brand or Blander Brand?

Without a doubt, this rebrand brings a consistent, clean, and unified look to Instagram’s app family. Though it may seem at first glance that Instagram is simply jumping on the minimalist rebrand bandwagon, moving away from the more analog/illustrated look of their previous logo is not necessarily a bad thing. Take a look at some of Instagram’s reasoning for the change:

“When Instagram was founded, it was a place to easily edit and share photos. Five years later, things have evolved. Instagram is now a diverse community of interests where people are sharing more photos and videos than ever before… We wanted to create a look that would represent the community’s full range of expression — past, present, and future.” -Ian Spalter, Head of Design at Instagram

One thing about simple icon-based imagery, is that it is intuitive. It appeals to the simplest common sense in us all. Just take a look at the tremendous momentum that infographics picked up since they broke into the scene. Icon-based imagery can take a complicated or abstract concept and its entire story of in one simple image.

I believe this is the strong point in Instagram’s new brand. The iconography used is clean. The color rainbow reflects the diversity of skills, talents, and cultural influences that make up it’s global community of users. And from a very basic design standpoint, the new logos and the user interface changes they inspired get out of the way and let the photos and videos (the life blood of the Instagram experience) shine through in all their glory. 

Dive In!

Open the app. Look for the subtle changes to the user interface (buttons, icons, layouts, etc.), take in Instagram’s new brand image and appreciate the better user experience it lends itself to.

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