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Magazines Go Digital

Magazines Go Digital - Featured Image

I’m not a big app person but I am a big magazine person, so when I heard about the “Netflix of Magazines” in the new app Texture, I jumped at the free monthly trial and never looked back. I not only use it all the time, I also upgraded to the full $15 per month subscription which includes all of my favorites – The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and many others. Actually, 150 magazines in all, but I’m perfectly content with my handful of favorites, which are, quite literally, right in my hand via my iPhone. No stacks of magazines adding to the clutter of my house, either. Now my personal collection travels with me – everywhere I go, everywhere I’m waiting, everywhere I’m bored – my stash awaits to keep me entertained and informed. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Let the Binge-Reading Begin

Let the Binge-Reading BeginThere are several reasons why the Texture app makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Like I’ve already mentioned, the sheer number and variety of magazines is mind-boggling (for a pretty darn low price). What’s more, just as you can binge-watch your favorite television shows these days with offerings like Netflix and HBO Go, with Texture you can also binge-read your favorite magazines – years of back issues are included. (For me, this would be binge-reading The New Yorker’s short stories for the past year.) When you just have a half-hour to kill, this app makes it easy to browse through the latest news. It gives you such categories as “New & Noteworthy Stories,” “Top 10 Reads,” “Editor’s Picks” and “Collections: A Daily Roundup.” (Today’s collections include “The Best Beach Reads” and “Thrill of the Grill” to name just two.) You can also type in a subject and get the latest articles covering that topic. So whether you want to dig deep (as I often do in research for work) or go totally mindless, Texture’s got you covered.

Even More Cool: The Ads!

Even More Cool The AdsOf course, being in the business of creating ads, I’m always excited about new advertising bells and whistles. And while I’ve seen digital ads do just about everything now, seeing this interactivity on the pages of a magazine I’ve been reading for eons is still somewhat of a shock. That goes for content as well – cartoons coming to life, shopping lists leading you directly to websites where you can buy, funny animations to enhance articles – it’s amazing to see how much our world is changing in a medium that I’ve known and loved since I was a teenager.