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Meet Nanette Hardee, MIC’s Newest Copywriter

Meet Nanette Hardee

Behind every beautifully designed project was a copywriter concepting a well-written message. When any campaign is created, the first pitch or concept typically begins with a copywriter. Without a strong message, the designer is left guessing the direction of the campaign. You could say that designers win games and copywriters win championships. It’s a cliché analogy but you get the idea. At MIC we understand the important role copywriters play in any project. And that is how we knew MIC’s newest addition to the copywriting team, Nanette Hardee, would be a perfect fit.

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“I’m delighted to welcome Nanette to our growing creative team. Her immense talent and experience is going to help us make a tremendous impact for our clients. And her laid-back and fun personality is also the perfect fit for MIC.” – Angela Mitchell, Associate Creative Director

As a copywriter, Nanette will work closely with the creative team, collaborating and creating branded communications for MIC and its clients. Whether it be writing ads, blogs, social media branded content, or emails, she’s eager to take on any project!

Originally from the Philippines, Nanette immigrated to the U.S. at the age of eight. Nanette attended Montclair University, formerly known as Montclair State College, and later transferred to the University of California, Santa Barbara. There she earned her B.A. in English. After graduating, she worked as an admin assistant at a New York adverting agency, sparking her interest in the industry. When she moved to the Tampa Bay area she gravitated towards a career in copywriting.

Nanette has worked her way up in the professional world from junior copywriter to working for major marketing and advertising agencies. She has worked on projects that include interviewing band members of Chicago for the Band’s 50th Anniversary book, interviewing celebu-chefs and restaurant marketing executives, as well as working with major brands like Publix and Outback Steakhouse. She has experience with many different industries and we are excited for her to bring her copywriting expertise to MIC.

“The culture, the camaraderie, the mutual respect, the lack of egos, and the Three Musketeers’’ attitude of ‘All for one and one for all’ is awesome at MIC!” Nanette stated, “It is a testament to the owners/leaders who genuinely care about their employees and promote a positive and nurturing atmosphere.”

When Nanette isn’t tackling her next creative challenge, she enjoys cooking for her husband, Doug. She mentioned she watches the cooking channel religiously and loves to try new foods and restaurants. She also loves to dance. With enough glasses of wine, she would love to be a backup dancer for Bruno Mars. Luckily for her, MIC is known to occasionally break out in karaoke and we are always in need of some backup dancers.

Join us in welcoming Nanette to our creative team!