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Meet Nate Beers, MIC’s Newest Web Developer

Meet Nate Beers

If you think Nate Beers has the perfect poker face, you would be right. Marketing in Color’s newest Web Developer is not just a WordPress and Google Analytics whiz, he’s a pretty darn good card player, too. Good enough, it seems, to play professionally at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

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At MIC, Nate is responsible for WordPress Installations, Theme Construction, and Management of WP Account Administration, PHP Development, and Google Analytics, Setup, Installation and Administration. “MIC is great so far,” states Nate, “it seems like a strong team of people.” Sr. Web Developer Edd Twillbeck notes, “Adding Nate to our Development Group at MIC has really been a pretty easy process because he already thinks and works the same way we do–he’s a strong addition to the team!”

Raised in Columbus, OH., Nate combined his love for video games and writing code, graduating from DeVry University with a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems, with a focus on web game programming. He remained in Columbus for the next seven years working different jobs and starting his own companies, deciding eventually that he wanted something more.

Tired of the harsh winters, he moved to Ft. Myers, FL with a high school friend and soon after, met his wife who convinced him to return to coding. After an intense three-month course at Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco, Nate landed a job at an ad agency in Miami, working on different projects that piqued his interest. A year later, he and his wife escaped the unbearable Miami traffic and moved to Tampa where he joined a software company as their sole web developer. The couple happily settled into their ranch in Odessa where they reside with a cat, two dogs, and three horses. They also board 15 horses, but don’t own them.

After a day at the office, Nate unwinds by working out, trading cryptocurrencies, and writing technical blog posts. Oh, and he also writes code as a hobby.

There’s a saying, “No gamble, No future,” and that’s true about everything in life. So what’s next for Nate? If he could do anything, he’d pack his bags and travel to another planet. When that happens don’t expect us to have our poker faces on–we’ll be hooting and hollering every step of his journey.

Welcome, Nate!