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MIC Client Launches New Energy Savings Website

MIC Client Launches New Energy Savings Website

When you’re feeling passionate about your clients, it’s natural to feel passionate about the products and services that they sell. But sometimes marketing is about more than just promoting those specific products and services. It’s about adding value for their clients and customers, and taking it a step further and connecting with the public at large.

Tap into Online Options to Help Grow Business

Marketing In Color has been the marketing partner of Madico Window Films for several years now, and as a true partner, we are always looking for ways to help them grow their business in both traditional and non-traditional ways. One thing we know is that the average consumer has probably never considered buying window film. And the ones that are considering purchasing window film likely turn to the Internet— and you guessed it, Google.

While we recognize one website isn’t going to automatically drive people by the millions (Facebook didn’t even do that in the beginning), we are excited about the launch of a new consumer website that’s already grabbing attention of people in the window film industry. Instead of focusing solely on the benefits of window film, Madico wanted to tap into a bigger pool of prospects—homeowners and property owners across the country.

Energy Savings Website to Reach Larger Consumer Market

While doing our research a few months ago, both Madico and Marketing In Color found that there are surprisingly few quality sites dedicated to energy-saving tips. With that in mind, the concept of Easy Energy Saving Tips was born.

“Like many internal marketing departments, we are constantly looking for cost-effective, interesting ways to increase our brand awareness to the consumer market. When MIC suggested this Easy Energy Saving Tips blog site idea, we jumped at it,” said Angie Leonetti, Madico’s Marketing & Customer Relations Manager.

We know that when you Google “window film” the search produces an endless number of links to everything from major manufacturers, to mom-and-pop window film installers across the country. So Madico wanted something to cut through the clutter, and help its dealers promote their window film businesses.

MIC’s strategy was to create an active website, sponsored by Madico, to draw in customers searching for answers about window film, as well as other solutions to help them save energy in their homes, their businesses, and their vehicles. And while the site isn’t intended to sell any products directly, it does connect consumers to various Madico window film brands and their dealers through exposure on the blog.

Easy Energy Savings Tips Website is Live

While MIC’s creative team was working on design and development of the new site, the account service team worked closely with Madico to develop and implement blog writing and social media sharing strategies. And now, is live and traffic to the site is increasing every week!

“We can better reach the consumer market by educating them not only on our product but we can act as an “expert” resource on the general topic of energy savings – which is a big issue these days. We can also drive leads directly to our business customers and help them increase their exposure,” Leonetti said.