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Never a Dull Copy Moment

Never a Dull Copy Moment - Featured Image

One of the things I love about being a copywriter is that I get to learn about so many different things. I’m quite certain that, had I not been a copywriter writing for luxury resorts, I would’ve never known about high-end boutique hotels that shamelessly pamper pets, with pet room service menus offering up everything from $16 sirloin with kibble to $25 foie gras. (You truly cannot make this stuff up.)

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If that represents the things I learned near the pinnacle of my copywriting career, then it’s fitting that during my humble beginnings I was writing about toilets for Briggs Plumbing as an intern. Though now, eons later, I can’t remember much about Briggs, I bet at the time I was spouting out phrases like “fully glazed trapway” and “enhanced swirling action.” (Ok, I confess, I had to look those up. But at the time I had a real potty mouth. bad um tss!)

As my career took me to Baltimore, Maryland, writing for various clients taught me about world poverty, ER scheduling software, movie theater seat restoration (I even got the factory tour on that one), corporate recruiting, and for Goodwill, the imagined second lives of used goods.

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Writing for clients in Florida, it’s a given that I’d learn all about tourism hot spots and luxury condo developments, but I never would’ve guessed that I’d be learning about St. Pete’s very own “Mystery Monkey” while writing a branding campaign for the city of St. Petersburg. (By the way, this monkey has more than 79,000 Facebook followers.)

Mystery Monkey

Some other Florida highlights: closet organization, bus service, Maserati’s, instrument strings, heart health, ancient Egyptian artifacts, classical composers, worldwide teleconferencing, life-saving procedures for children, comedians, and crappie fishing… just to name a few.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, I learned about major grocery food store chains, cell phone service, homeless people, banking, and how a Boston Whaler boat could be sawed in half and not sink (hence, “The Unsinkable Legend”).

In Las Vegas, Nevada, my clients led me on all sorts of educational adventures. In addition to learning about every kind of shameless pampering imaginable, I learned about the secret wine cellar in one of America’s most famous speakeasies, and the ancient Bahamian legend of chickcharnies (which became the name of a Bahamian resort’s children’s program).

Chickcharnies Backpacks

And here at MIC, I’ve learned all about how to save energy, comfy chairs that transform into beds, gourmet coffee, franchise development, domestic violence, “Disneyland for Grown-Ups,” and much more…

If only my brain could retain all of the vast information I’ve absorbed over the years. Ah well, I guess I fall into that category of knowing a little bit about a whole lot. Lucky for me, variety isn’t just the spice of life – it’s the spice of work.