Open Your Eyes

May 11, 2018

What Are You Saying?

What Are You SayingYou see it all the time, adverts or messaging online and via traditional media for free websites for your business. And while some of them certainly may be a great deal, I’ve found myself wondering if businesses that are actually using such gimmicky services are really getting anything out of it? Back in the mid sixties, philosopher and communications theorist Marshall McLuhan penned the phrase “the medium is the message”. And if your medium of contact to your customer base is a cookie-cutter template of a website using mediocre stock images to visualize your message, are you really saying anything important about your company?

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You Know It’s Important

You Know Its ImportantYour business is certainly important to you – the services or products you provide your customers are how your company grows and improves not just your bottom line, but your entire brand. Your message is a big part of your brand, and it has to communicate to your client not only textually in the form of the data you show them, but visually as well. The imagery used to enhance your message plays a big part in how it is perceived by your audience. So while stock images may have some use in certain circumstances, when you’re focusing your message on the core points of what you’re trying to communicate to your customers, the visual components you’re using should be as specific to your business as possible. If you’re selling a great new innovative shovel, show your actual product, not just line-based clip art of a generic shovel.

You Get What You Pay For

You Get What You Pay ForAs a developer I tend to spend most of my time immersed in code, sorting out the nuts and bolts of how a website has to work to bring our client’s message to their customers. But by that time in our development process, our team has already dug deep with the client to ensure that the visual side of things is not just supporting, but elevating the message and goals of the client. And to me, that’s a significant difference from a “free website” that you’ve put no real thought or effort into. Grabbing a template out of a box and slapping on some stock photos doesn’t do your business much good. And just as you’ve surely invested time and effort into your products and customers, and seen the benefits from doing so, a similar investment with a marketing partner can help to create a website that will bring additional benefits down the road!

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