Our Process

It’s important to us that we are seen as your marketing partner, not just a marketing firm. We don’t work in a vacuum, rather we engage with you along the way – so we get to know your company and industry on a very thorough, in-depth level. Getting to that point requires a process—and we’re happy to share it with you.

Let's Work Together
marketing in color strategize
marketing in color - strategize


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to crafting the right message to the right audience, in order to meet your objectives. Creating an effective strategy requires tactical thinking and taking a deep dive into your industry, goals, capabilities, audience, and competition. It’s data driven and we’ve done it, successfully. We can do it for you.

marketing in color - our plan
marketing in color - our plan


There is peace in the plan. MIC is keen on developing marketing plans that allow you to set goals and tasks, track performance, evolve with the market, and, in the end, see real results. It’s kind of like one big to-do list to help you reach your destination. Partner with us and we’ll get you there on time—and on budget.

marketing in color execute
marketing in color - execute


It may seem obvious, but strategies and plans are a waste of time if executed poorly. That said, as a company with a Type A personality, you can count on us to bring your marketing plan to life swiftly, smartly, and with your success always top of mind.

marketing in color analyze
marketing in color - analyze


Let’s face it. Analytics aren’t pretty. But they work—and that’s why we do them. We build analytics into everything we do so we, and you, can see what is and isn’t working. That way, we can continually adjust our approach to bring you the most value. And that’s a beautiful thing.

marketing in color refine and repeat
marketing in color - refine and repeat

Refine & Repeat

Based on our data, we’ll hone in on what worked and refine it, polish it, and make it shine. Then we’ll repeat the process. Most of our clients have been with us for many years, so we must be doing something right.