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Dang It! I Forgot My Password Again!

Forgot My Password Again

How many times do you fumble logging into various password-protected sites? Was it my mother’s maiden name? My anniversary with the extra symbols that one website forced me to add? And the brain-racking questions continue.

You could be like my mother and write them on several pieces of paper that get lost and full of stains. Or, you could utilize one of the three services MIC uses that not only manage, protect, and remember your passwords, but offer several other bonus features.


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1PasswordThis online and mobile password protection desktop app can also create an extension in your browser that is easily accessible and triggered when you log into sites. You can simply log in with one click. 1Password can sync your data across all your devices automatically through iCloud and Dropbox, or locally over Wi-Fi, keeping your data within your network. You can group passwords into folders, create tags, and even generate passwords. Another great feature is the ability to share passwords among friends and family.

John Parrish, MIC Creative Director, doesn’t know how he could function without it. “1Password is just as the name implies. I just have to remember one password to gain access to all the website logins I have stored in the app. If you’ve got a ton of passwords to keep track of, it’s a life saver.”

One small downfall is there is a fee of $49.99 for a single license for MAC/Windows users and $8.99 for the iOS app. (1)


LastPassLastPass is a free alternative to 1Password with a slightly less robust features offering. You can still store, organize, share, and generate passwords within the system just as easily, but the main differences are that you must be connected to the internet in order to access your passwords, and the system is run through a website or browser extension. (2)

Our Senior Graphic Designer and long-time LastPass user, Diego Aguirre, says, “LastPass truly lives up to its name. It’s been the last password I’ve had to remember for logging in to my accounts online and managing my online identities. It’s secure, intuitive, and very user-friendly.”


PasspackThis password management tool is essential to MIC’s workflow and, in my opinion, is most useful for businesses rather than an individual user (although an individual user can still benefit). We have one paid “mothership” account containing all important client and internal passwords. We sign up all employees for free individual accounts, then share passwords back-and-forth with each other securely. Although it’s similar to 1Password and LastPass, Passpack has a unique way of allowing you organize, share and add notes to your password information. Watch this detailed demo to see how:

The pricing tiers are outlined here  (3)

I have never heard of someone reverting back to their Stone Age ways of documenting their login credentials after adopting one of these password management systems. Do yourself a favor, start using one of these systems now and save the headache for something else. Like your significant other ;).


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