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Personalizing Your Productivity

Personalizing Your Productivity - Featured Image

One of our designers, Diego Aguirre, stumbled upon this article that defines four different productivity personality types people can fall into and after reading it, I thought, wow, that makes total sense to why some people communicate and go about their work day one way, and others go about it another. Sure, personality traits play into a person’s work flow, but being the traffic manager and also a project manager for Marketing In Color, it’s critical to understand each of my team member’s productivity type, so I can find the best way to work collaboratively with them.

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For quick reference, here are the 4 different productivity types defined by the article:

Productivity typesThe Prioritizer: The logical, analytical person who is always looking to create and meet goals.
The Planner: The organizer who likes to check things off the list and establish processes.
The Arranger: The team player who is considerate of people’s emotions and likes to nurture relationships in order to be efficient.
The Visualizer: The innovator who enjoys being busy with work and loves providing ideas to help improve things.

In polling my co-workers on which type fits them, it wasn’t a surprise that we have almost half of the company identifying as a Visualizer. Being that we are a creative firm, it is crucial to have these types bring in new ideas and be able to handle multiple projects. But… their attention to detail isn’t always at the forefront, which is why you need someone like a Prioritizer or a Planner to lead the team.

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For example, our Digital Media Specialist, Nick Weber, is very much a Visualizer. He comes in with awesome ideas on how to improve our digital and marketing automation efforts all the time. His ideas are so great that we sometimes sit back and say, “Now how the heck are we going to accomplish this?” That’s where I (a Planner) and Vice President Herb Young (a Prioritizer) begin asking questions to start shaping a plan of action for Nick’s idea.

It was also interesting to see that almost half of the company couldn’t identify with just one productivity type, but saw themselves as 2 or 3 types. Hands down, I thought our designer Tina Garcia would be a Visualizer, but she also identified herself as an Arranger and Prioritizer. Knowing that, I now understand why she’s more focused and quieter during work hours compared to others in our office, but still enjoys being a team player and collaborating with others.

So in plain English, why should a company invest in catering towards a person’s personality type?

So in plain EnglishTo get the most out of your co-workers/employees by approaching them in a way they understand best. Not everyone’s work style is identical and in order to have a productive, efficient company, it’s best to respect to each person’s style. What company wouldn’t want to have a team of people who value and respect one another?

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