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Productivity Isn’t What It Used To Be

Productivity Isnt What It Used To Be - Featured Image

I don’t know what I was thinking when I first entered the marketing business 25 years ago, trying to create effective programs for clients before the existence of the internet. I must have been out of my mind.

We Learn These Tools So You Don’t Have To

Productivity Isnt What It Used To Be - In-Text ImagesToday, my mind is blown almost daily by yet another amazing digital tool or platform that does things that were inconceivable – heck, even five years ago! The technology that we, as a marketing company, employ and have at our disposal for use on behalf of our clients is just staggering. For example, we use the highly popular Basecamp program that allows us to collaborate seamlessly with clients across the country. We also employ a browser-based video cataloging system to share raw video content with clients online and partner with a company that specializes in local search accuracy on behalf of our clients. We have online access to stock photography, email programs, mind mapping and marketing automation tools, social media management tools, website issue tracking software … the list goes on.

The staff resources and financial investment required to vet and stay on top of it all are sometimes equally staggering. However, the ongoing investment is offset by the continuous increases we gain in productivity, which translates into billable time and profitability. One person can accomplish in a day what it took ten people to do only a few years ago.

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The Right Tools for the Job

The Right Tools for the JobI just can’t imagine running a successful business anymore without having an amazing array of technology at our fingertips. Gone are the days of relying solely on mass-media approaches like print, broadcast and outdoor. While traditional media still plays an extremely important role in creating brand awareness and lead generation, having a well-stocked “technology toolbox” is the only effective way to consistently develop highly-targeted, effective programs with indisputable ROI. Technology makes our jobs as marketers much easier in many ways.

However, the massive array of available and ever-changing marketing technology platforms can be overwhelming, especially to a client. Personally, I love the process of sorting through the tech toolbox to find the exact right tool to accomplish a highly specific job for a particular client. I get a rush when I can show a client exactly where their marketing dollars were spent, and precisely the return that was realized. It creates trust in us, as a company, and trust in the technology we employ.

It’s funny, because when you get right down to it, I’m not really a technology person, so to speak. I have a healthy respect for it… I understand its value, and I’m definitely not afraid of it. But you’re not going to find me sitting at my desk at midnight, diving into a new tech platform to find out exactly how it works and what it can do. And I won’t be the one to explain all the intricacies of how every platform we use works. I’ll leave all that to my incredibly talented and amazingly brilliant team. You’ll find me at home, playing “Words with Friends®” – on my iPad.

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