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Questions to Consider When Redesigning Your Logo

Questions to Consider When Redesigning Your Logo - Featured Image

With time comes change. Whether technological, economical, societal, or political, change is occurring. Many companies have experienced change in one way or another and change has resulted in companies adapting and evolving. With this evolution, many companies have responded by redesigning their logos. This branded image that distinguishes one company from another seems to be continually evolving.

Logo Makeovers of 2014

Many major companies, including Google, Visa, and Olive Garden, to name a few, have gone through logo redesigns in 2014, and it is evident that the majority went for a sleeker look. Even sports teams and organizations like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and MLS (Major League Soccer) have recently changed their logos. Some made minor changes, while others completely redesigned. A shift in the logo design tends to be less noticeable in smaller companies compared to those that are well known, but that also depends on how drastic the redesign is.

Logo Redesign Strategy

If your company is considering a logo redesign, it is important to think about why there is a need for change. If it is because “everyone else is doing it,” then maybe you should think twice and reevaluate your efforts. Companies experiencing the greatest success with logo redesigns have answered the following questions during the redesign decision phase.

Does Your Logo Look Outdated?Does Your Logo Look Outdated

Compare your logo to those of your key competitors. Does yours feel fresh and energetic, accurately representing your brand? Or does it look tired and staid, needing a new injection of life? Take an objective look at it, but more importantly, ask a few of your customers to give you some feedback. They’re the ones who best represent the target audience you’re trying to reach, so their opinions should carry the most weight.

Are the Trends Changing?Are the Trends Changing

In your industry, is it important to look like your business is keeping up with the latest trends? Apple has been a prime example of keeping up with what’s hot, using sleek designs that perfectly position the sleek products its consumers are buying. 

Is Your Company Changing?

Is Your Company ChangingNot only do external factors affect change, but internal factors, such as extended product lines or company mergers, can also lead to strategic shifts for companies. If your logo is specific, and change has occurred within the company, it may need to be tweaked so that it better represents what your company offers. Take Starbucks, for example, who removed the words “Starbucks Coffee” from its logo as it is extending its product line beyond coffee. This is a key example of how a company’s logo redesign represents a lifestyle brand and offering, more than just one product or service, to its customers. 

Everyone’s an Artist

If you choose to redesign or modify your logo, there will always be that one person who has some critique for it. “I liked the old one better” or “Well, if this was my logo redesign, I would use this color,” and the list goes on. This point is worth repeating: It doesn’t matter what your neighbors, your employees, or to some extent, even you think about your company’s logo – it matters most what your customers and prospective customers think. If you’re considering a change, this is the place to start.

In the end, your logo is an extremely important representation of your company. It makes a first impression, as well as a lasting one.

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