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There Really Is An “I” in Team

There Really Is An I in Team - Featured Image

By the headline, you may think that I cannot spell. Of course, I know the word T-E-A-M does not include the letter “I”, but you, as an individual, whether working in an office environment, volunteering for a non-profit, or playing a sport, are part of a team.

After spending over 16 years in the professional sports industry, one would think that working in an actual “team environment” would be something I was used to. Well, not really.

Don’t get me wrong, there was a team effort on the court, but behind every professional sports team is a team of regular folks like you and me, tirelessly working long hours to make sure one’s experience before, during, and after a game goes without a glitch.

That’s where teamwork could have been better.

TeamworkBut, here at Marketing In Color, the word “team” has never been more evident to me, and it’s wonderful!

Starting with daily morning briefings to discuss the status of current projects leads to a true collaborative team effort between account executives, project managers, and the creative department. Some may think these briefings, which typically last 15 minutes, are a waste of time. But, if the overall operations of the company run more smoothly because everyone is on the same page every day, is 15 minutes really a lot of time out of an 8-hour work day?

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T-E-A-M: Together Everyone Achieves More

Think of the morning briefings as practice, just like a basketball team does every day. Yes, Allen Iverson might think practice isn’t all that important, but I guarantee if a team didn’t practice every day they wouldn’t work as well together during a game. Image the turnovers, interceptions, or errors!? Yikes!

By working as a team – no matter the skill set one brings to the (conference) table – more time can be spent actually accomplishing that day’s tasks and not looking for the correct version of a document, or the correct image to place into a brochure, or putting out any other type of fire that often happens in an office setting. In the end, accomplished tasks results in happy clients, which results in happy CEOs, which results in happy owners! Everyone is happy when a team is successful!

Andrew CarnegieAs Andrew Carnegie once said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

He couldn’t have been more accurate.

Just like the five men on a court who work together to reach their goal of a championship, so, too, can an office staff.

So there really is an “I” in team, and that I is U.

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MaryKay Scott is an Account Manager for Marketing In Color. She is a northwest Indiana native who comes to Tampa from the Midwest, where she worked for the NBA's Indiana Pacers. MaryKay, a self-proclaimed animal lover (the proud owner of two dogs and one cat), is the primary liaison between MIC's internal team and several key clients.
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