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What is Responsive Design for Websites?


Responsive design is THE trend in web development, where you create a website that can detect and automatically reformat itself based on the device that’s being used to view it.

If there was only an easy way to demonstrate this for you …

shrinkingThere is! You just need to look at our website – the site you’re looking at now ( – on a desktop computer to appreciate this. Take your cursor, grab the the lower right corner of your browser window and drag to the left shrinking the size of your browser. Then watch the magic happen. You’ll see as the browser window gets smaller (simulating the more limited space of a tablet or smartphone), the site instinctively reformats itself to display in the smaller space. Voila!

Here’s another cool way to experience the responsive design of our website. Go to and type our web address ( into the device simulator. Then play around with the controls to see how our website reformats.

Responsive design isn’t the be-all, end-all for all websites. For some sites, a dedicated mobile app or a separate version of the site design specifically created for mobile may be a better answer.

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