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Social Media in Tampa Bay

social media in tampa bay

Working with social media day in and day out, you come to grow fond of companies that just get it. The ones that have a great social media presence on the right social media platforms. In Tampa, there are some noteworthy businesses that are social media savvy. And with The Best of The Bay taking place, it seemed only fitting that we highlight some of the Tampa Bay businesses mastering social media.

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Tampa Bay Lightning

Not only has the Tampa Bay hockey team proved to be one of the top hockey teams in the nation, it has also created a great brand for itself. “Be the thunder.” Can we just take a minute to appreciate that slogan? This franchise knows how to brand itself.

Especially on social media. The consistency across all of the social channels will make any social media marketer’s heart sing. The logo for the profile picture and consistent header image are two of the most basic components of social media that businesses often miss. You can see it across some of the featured platforms below. 








Ciccio Restaurant Group

If you’re a local Tampa resident, you’re probably familiar with the Ciccio restaurants in South Howard. Green Lemon, Daily Eats, and Fresh Kitchen are just some of the local favorites of the Ciccio restaurants. Their restaurants’ community involvement stands out across all of their social media. Whether it’s Yoga in the Park, a Bootcamp class, or a fundraiser, it’s evident that this restaurant group likes to stay actively involved within the community. And that’s just another key factor to a social media strategy – being social. So next time you are volunteering in your community, take pictures and share them on your social media platforms. The picture will highlight your company’s personality too.


City Bike Tampa

This is a local bike shop run by an awesome group of people – it’s evident just by looking at what’s posted on social media. Companies often overlook the aspect of portraying their brand’s personality but that is one of the key components to a successful social media marketing strategy. Social media’s primary role is NOT to push your products and sell, sell, sell. It’s a communication tool that acts as another source for your customers and potential customers to engage with you, as well as to exhibit your brand’s personality. City Bike Tampa’s posts make it clear that they are a proud, local Tampa Bay business, which also has a pretty cool company culture too!


So if your company is on social media, make sure your social presence is cohesive. A consistent profile with similar header images will keep your brand’s image cohesive on social media. It should be obvious that your audience is on your company’s social channel. And try to post less “salesy” content. Instead, focus your efforts on more engaging content like community related posts and company culture posts. By following some of these basic steps like the featured Tampa Bay businesses above, you will become a master of social media in no time at all.

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