Star Wars and Lightsabers… What’s That Gotta Do With Me?

April 10, 2018

I love the Star Wars universe! What I love most is the Jedi Order. The Jedi are the peacekeepers of the galaxy. Jedi start their journey at a young age as Padawan learners. A crucial part of Jedi training is building their Lightsaber, the trademark weapon of a Jedi. Padawans travel to the caves of Ilum, where they find unique crystals encrusted in the cave rocks to power the Lightsabers. At the cave they carefully assemble their weapon with a unique blade color and hilt design… a reflection of the Padawan’s individuality. This weapon becomes the Jedi’s most trusted companion.

Like Padawans, you’re on a journey, both personally and professionally. In your professional journey you might have been handed certain curveballs that are out of your control (being laid-off, a salary cut, no room for growth). However, you have a great deal of control and influence over your professional future. You spend a third of your day working… maybe more. Your work situation can steal from or add to your overall happiness in a big way. So start building a lightsaber career path that’s right for you.

How To Build A Lightsaber Dream Career

Take inventory of what you’ve been givenTake inventory of what you’ve been given, the cards you’ve been dealt, and where you stand right now professionally. Learn from your past mistakes, make amends where possible, and move forward. Let go of any fear, self-doubt, regret, and shame that anchor you to your past. Focus on skills and traits that are positive, constructive, and will help you build something better… those are your starting pieces.

Now do some soul-searching to identify your passionNow do some soul-searching to identify your passion. What’s that one thing you’d like to offer the world… that thing you would do without even being paid to do it? Doing something you’re passionate about is essential to a fulfilling career. There’s your crystal… the essential piece of a Lightsaber.

Is there anyone currently doing what you love for a livingIs there anyone currently doing what you love for a living? Can you call them? Email them? Tweet them? Do they have a blog you can follow? Have they written anything about their own journey? Can you seek a mentor in that arena? Don’t hesitate to follow someone who’s already walked the path you’re embarking on. Every Padawan needs a Jedi Master to learn from.

Find the elements youre missingFind the elements you’re missing to start building your dream. Need further education or training? Need to build a portfolio? What conventions or meet-ups can you attend? Any books you can read? Blogs you can subscribe to? Jobs you can apply for? Find your missing pieces.

Do, Or Do Not… There Is No Try

Do Or Do NotAnd finally, take the time to build the dang thing. Retreat for a weekend if it helps. Dream, strategize, and create a plan, a timeline. Take your first step. Assemble the first piece. Some Lightsabers take longer than others to build… but this isn’t a race, it’s a journey… your journey. So move at your pace, but make sure you’re building.

Take the pieces you’ve got now, add on the pieces you’re missing, identify your crystal, and start building your dream career… one piece at a time.

May the Force be with you!

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