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The Importance of Integrating Social Media with Marketing Automation

The Importance of Integrating Social Media with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has become much more accessible to companies as compared to four or five years ago. Big and small sized companies can manage and track their marketing efforts across numerous digital channels, social media included. Yes, the day has come where social media marketing can finally be validated through marketing automation. So rejoice you number-loving junkies, as you can now analyze sales and leads from social media!

Working Together

Working TogetherMarketing automation allows you to track how people are getting to your site, what pages they view, what emails they open, and the list goes on. It’s a great tool for turning prospects into leads, and leads into customers. Marketing automation relies on customer data. When a company can identify where their leads are coming from, it is a beautiful thing. And that’s where your social media channels can come into play. With marketing automation, you can identify if leads came to your site from a specific social media platform and even determine the exact post. For consumers, the concept can be perceived as creepy, but for the businesses trying to reach them, it is a powerful tool.

Tracking Social Media

Tracking Social MediaBefore tracking social media, you will have to set up the basic marketing automation functions to implement a tracking code. Once you have your campaigns and tracking codes into place, you can begin tracking your social media efforts. When you post a link on a social media channel, you have the ability to add a tracking code to the end of that link. You can then shorten the link and use a URL shortening service like so there is less clutter on the post. When someone clicks on that link and is taken to your website, your marketing automation platform will document that the lead came from a social media channel.

Using the Tracking Data

Using the Tracking DataIntegrating social media with marketing automation can provide you with a wealth of customer data. The customer data from the social media tracking code is essential in analyzing your social media efforts and shows which platforms are bringing in the most traffic to your site. In an article from Forbes, you are effectively leveraging your social media marketing automation efforts when you can answer the following questions:

Which social media channels are bringing in the most leads and/or the leads with the highest conversion rates? What types of posts and messages attract your newer audience members or encourage dormant ones to take action? What are the most successful combinations of social media engagement and email automation when it comes to driving sales in general and especially lucrative sales specifically?

With this information, you can determine the best messaging for your audience and how that messaging can be communicated in future emails, targeted specifically to that audience.

Building Relationships

Building RelationshipsBoth social media and marketing automation have similar capabilities of communicating and building relationships with customers and potential customers. With social media and marketing automation working together, you will know how to effectively communicate with your audience. A social media post can be the first impression that brings a prospect to your site, but it is then up to the marketing automation to nurture and convert that prospect into becoming a customer. Have any questions about marketing automation? Feel free to reach out to us!

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